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To book a YouTube Video reading with Gem,click the PayPal button  to make your purchase.

A message by Gem will come to you within 24hrs of purchase to discuss what the focus is that you seek and if its a private reading Gem will change names to protect identities if requested upon purchase. If you would like a free mini reading thats is available on TikTok for this go the contact section here on the website than click on the channel and than comment your name and desired reading, than a lovely free mini reading will be uploaded within 24hrs of request. To see some readings done by Gem go over to the Podcast section to see how your reading may appear. Gem respects peoples privacy and if requested will keep identities in the reading private. Thank you for your purchase. Please remember if you would like to leave any comments please visit review page.

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Love & Light


£ 10.00 YouTube Video Reading

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