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Singer / Songwriter | Clairvoyant | Female Activist



Welcome To The Official Website Gemma Leigh Pinto.

Gemma is a songwriter based in South East London. 

Her music style is Pop/Rock/Country however when it comes to collaborations she is able to adapt to other styles.

Gemma is not the best at singing but her strengths lie within her writing and in her in her performance skills interacting with an audience is one of Gemma's best qualities and encourages her to create more songs.  

Over the years Gemma has been faced with a number of obstacles delaying her movement within the music industry but while Gemma has been able enough to overcome these issues she has had no problems in starting over again. 

Its in Gemma's best interest only to write music for the love of it and she is very passionate about it and has got her through everything she has gone through in the last 10 years.

Aside from music, Gemma has been helping to guide different individuals from all walks of life doing angel readings,using her abilities to make time time frames and predictions which have come to pass for different people has been an incredible journey for Gemma. Having had this gift since she was 10 never opened up truly to her gifts til reached at a mature level to understand it more. Her passed experiences that caused her any pain have now today made her stronger and more confident to reach her goals in helping others through spiritual guidance and music.

So with Gemma's past and abilities to help others brings us to her brand new Podcast.



While raising awareness for women against violence and from time to time speaking about children with O.D.D

Gemma's focus is around helping others giving angel readings via Ask Gem Podcast. 

For more details on readings with Gem, you can DM her via Instagram @gemmaleighpinto or if you would like a free mini reading from Gem please go to Gemma's TikTok Page @gemmaleighpinto and comment your name and love or general. Patience is very important to Gem, she will always respond.


                                                          Stay tuned for more music, news updates and more.

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